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Samantha S.

My name is Samantha Sellmeyer and I have been nannying/babysitting for 7+
years. I have been with my current family for 5 years. 7+ Years’ experience, Current Driver’s license, clean record, Fun, enthusiastic, caring Athletic, energetic, active
TrustworthyTeam player
An insight into my last nanny position: When I first started watching Weston, I knew he was going to take a special place in my heart, and what I did with him daily was going to have a large impact on her childhood milestones. I started watching Weston when he was just shy of 1 year old. I was responsible for feeding Weston breakfast and school drop-off. I was attending their family holiday parties, birthday parties, and traveling on vacation with the family. In 2016, the family added another boy, Maclan to their family, who I also started caring for also.

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