My name is Rachel DeFelice and I am located within Silverthorne. I personally have been working with children since the age of 10 and feel qualified to work with multiple children at once. I am excited to bring joy to people and allow them to experience their own free time while assuring them their loved ones are safe at home with me. I love knowing what babysitting offers for both parties; you can have dinner dates, quality time, relaxation, productivity and bliss while I get to know your young individual who sparks imagination and magic back into my life. Three qualities I’d describe myself as would be energetic, passionate and creative. I love interacting and finding positive ways to handle real life situations. Beyond anything my main aspiration for this specific job type is to encourage children to choose healthy and active lifestyles. Being in the High Rockies there are endless possibilities to achieving this and I am open to any activity that stimulates and enthralls a child. I personally participate in many sports; snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, hiking, walks, bike rides and swimming. Which makes me a perfect candidate for a family that is specifically looking for a responsible, resourceful, playful, young individual that can handle any energy leveled child.