Kelsey C

Kelsey Congdon recently graduated college in the Spring of 2020. She has been working with and taking care of children since she was in middle school. She was a leader for two different camps each year starting from 8 th grade and throughout high school. One of these camps was Vacation Bible School where she participated every summer and the other is called STRETCH Camp where she participated every winter. For both camps, she was a leader of a group of
elementary school kids. t VBS it was the leader’s job to take the kids to each station that the
camp had planned and to ensure the safety of the kids throughout their experience. STRETCH Camp was a baseball/softball camp where it was her job to coach the kids and ensure their safety as well. She has also babysat all throughout high school. In college, she was a nanny on and off for two years for a family with a seven year old girl, five year old boy, and a one year old boy. It has been her dream to move to the mountains her whole life and starting out as a nanny
is something she is excited to make happen.