Jessie grew up as the oldest of five kids, so she was inherently babysitting at a young age. She’s a wilderness guide in whitewater, backcountry skiing, backpacking and horse packing and enjoys traveling the world with these sports. She lives in Breckenridge and works full time on ski patrol, so she’ll be ready to make a parent’s evening get-a-way smooth and relaxing while she engages with their children in a fun and safe manner. Jessie loves playing with kids and learning about unicorns, mermaids and monsters. Her personality can be described as ‘golden retriever’ as she is energetic, delightful and loves kids. She’s happy to help with homework, clean or do any helpful household chores too. She has a bachelor’s degree, OEC certification (advanced medical training that includes CPR), and a reliable vehicle for Breckenridge blizzards.