Carlie is 49 years old and from Southern Illinois. While living in Illinois Carlie was a Special Olympics coach for the Tri-County area for 10 years. During that time she had lots of different training such as behavioral issues, special diets and group play. She eventually moved to Arkansas and worked on the ambulance and clinic for 6 years. During this time she took care of two newborns one with special needs and required lots of meds and extra care. Carlie then started teaching CPR/AED First Aid, Babysitting Classes, New Mom Classes, Bloodborn Pathogens,Oxygen Therapy. She teaches these through American Red Cross, American Heart Association and EMS Safety, she still teaches these classes. But now lives in the mountains where she spends time with her husband adult children and grandchildren when they get to visit.Her hobbies include reading ,baking ,paddle boarding and teaching.She is huge animal lover and spends alot of days hiking with her 3 dogs one who has a wheelchair from Spina bifida.