Arren has cared for all age groups of children and some with special needs. She is patient and caring, fun and actively engaged in helping children grow.  She is able to recognize a child’s specific needs and provide assistance mitigating extreme behavior.   She is trained in conflict resolution, crisis management and CPR and advanced life support. She loves the park, nature, storytime, floor play, arts and crafts and cooking with all ages of children.  She is able to assist in most basic educational needs with strength in English and Social Studies. She has her own car and is a local Summit County resident. Her family bred Akitas and Arabian horses, therefore, she also has quite a bit of experience with animals as well.Reviews:“Arren was super punctual, prepared and kind to our not-always-so-easy toddler. We will definitely hire her in the future!”
“Arren will engage with children, not just “watch” them. She is a self-starter and very proactive, keeping the children’s safety a priority.”